Medicane forecast

Medicane map is an experimental forecasting and tracking tool for Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones (MTLC’s), also known as medicanes.
Medistorm is described as a deep cyclone with potential to form medicane, ex-medicane or dynamic mid latitude cyclone, that could form medicane if conditions were slightly better. It brings torrential rains, very often thunderstorms and sustained wind speed above 40 kph or gusts above 60 kph.
Medicane is described as a warm-eyed deep cyclone with similar appearance to hurricane, generating thunderstorms, torrential rains and sustained winds between 60 and 100 kph or gusts between 80 and 140 kph. If sustained winds exceeds 100 kph or gusts exceeds 140 kph, system is marked as Severe Medicane.
Updates: If medicanes or medistorms are possible, daily at 16-18 UTC
Due to Mediterranean location of the systems, this site will be in English only.